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Silicone Wire Systems is the premier manufacturer of ignition wire sets for older, out of production, automobiles. With more than 30 years of production experience, we know how to produce a wire set that will fit your car and fit your needs.

We offer wire sets in any of eight different colors

Silicone Wire Systems uses Taylor Spiro-Pro wire.

All of the components of our sets, wire, boots, seals and terminals are made in the USA - as are the sets!

We race what we sell

For more than 30 years our wires have been used on autocross cars, time trials cars and road racers.

We have built sets for Ferraris, Cobras, Formula Fords and many Corvair powered cars, like the Corvair powered Lola to the left.

It is a way of proving that what we build works.

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Silicone Wire Systems
3462 Kirkwood Dr.
San Jose, 95117-1549

(408) 247-2237